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  • Transport and logistics – as fast as broadband?
    The emergence of technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous cars, and drones will vastly improve the the transport and logistics industry, according to research and advisory firm Lux Research. “IoT is at the stage of a dial-up modem in the evolution of the Net, but as it evolves, intermodal and intelligent technologies will... Read more » The post Transport and logistics – as fast as broadband? appeared first on ReadWrite.
  • Why Google Added a Virtual Coach to Its Productivity Apps
    Mountain View, Calif.-based Google brought its A game to its suite of productivity and collaboration products when they were launched all those years ago. Google Apps and Google for Work are undeniably intuitive and easy to use. But as Google continued to build out this suite, improving on its own features and encouraging third-parties vendors Continue reading...
  • Agile CMOs Prepare For the Distance
    Tenure for CMOs has slipped for the first time in a decade, from 48 months to 44 months.  Combine that information with insights from Forrester, which revealed that 85 percent of marketing executives believe that today’s marketing department includes functions that no one thought would be a responsibility as recently Continue reading...
  • Will smart pills help remind patients to take their medicine?
    One of the biggest issues in the United States when it comes to medication is patients refusing to take their pills or forgetting the correct dose, but new smart pills that track and alert patients may improve the percentage of people sticking to their plans. That’s what Proteus Digital Health is hoping will happen with... Read more » The post Will smart pills help remind patients to take their medicine? appeared first on ReadWrite.
  • The Future of Banking: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Tellers
    I went to my local bank branch last Saturday. The teller windows were shuttered, but the branch was open for business.  The future of banking has arrived in my neighborhood, and brought with it a whole new way to bank. A New Way to Bank A dramatic shift is underway Continue reading...
  • 3 Ways to Bring Artificial Intelligence to Your Customer Experience
    Sometimes the greatest pain of a customer service leader is the buzz of a new technology that results in a Sunday night CEO email asking "when are we going to get this"? In 2016, the leading contender has to be Artificial Intelligence (AI). Continue reading...

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