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  • Migration Planning Tips for Facebook's Office 365 Move
    Two week ago, Microsoft scored a notable client: Facebook. Facebook CIO Tim Campos announced the news from the stage of the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto. Continue reading...
  • These 5 issues are scaring homeowners away from IoT
    When streetlights first lit up New York skies in 1880, Edison was initially revered as a hero. Electric lights were unlike anything his peers had seen before, accustomed as they were to gas lamps and candles, and they cheered to see the new technology go live. However, that awe quickly faded, becoming a major PR... Read more » The post These 5 issues are scaring homeowners away from IoT appeared first on ReadWrite.
  • How cognitive computing is changing IoT
    Cognitive computing means giving computers the ability to work out complex problems for themselves. Just like humans, cognitive computers benefit greatly from experience, learning better ways to solve problems with each encounter. When a traditional system of rules finds a task impossible, cognitive computing sees only an opportunity to expand its knowledge. The necessity for... Read more » The post How cognitive computing is changing IoT appeared first on ReadWrite.
  • Customer Experience Maturity: Cross the Chasm from Fluff to Tough
    If you’ve made some improvements in your organization’s customer experience (CX), then bravo — go ahead and celebrate!  But then get back to work. The path ahead may be even harder. Great Customer Experience Doesn't Happen Overnight Companies can’t deliver great CX overnight. Continue reading...
  • Do we really want drone delivery?
    Imagine answering the door but instead of seeing a delivery guy, a drone floating by carrying your package arrives at your doorstep. Sounds cool, right?  But in reality, just how many people can really entrust their packages to unmanned aerial vehicles? Can people afford to leave their orders and packages in the care of floating... Read more » The post Do we really want drone delivery? appeared first on ReadWrite.
  • Digital Transformation Gives Marketers Opportunities - and Anxiety
    Marketers are generally optimistic about the state of their industry and the opportunities presented by new digital technologies. Continue reading...

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