These are the headlines from some of the web sources that I follow.

  • Bridging UX & Web Development: Better Results Through Team Integration
    By Jack Moffett Published: October 21, 2014 “A collaboration life cycle maps the activities of designers to those of the developers in each phase of a typical product development process. The cycle starts with requirements analysis….” This is a sample chapter from Jack Moffett’s new book, Bridging UX & Web Development: Better Results Through Team Integration. 2014 Morgan Kaufmann. Chapter 3: Collaboration Life Cycle Process. Regardless of what type of designer you are—graphic, information, interaction, service, industrial, game—you follow a common process. It typically begins with research and observation as you learn about the people who will use the product of your efforts and the context of its use. Then there’s synthesizing of the information you’ve collected, coupled with ideation and iterative prototyping, as you plan what is to be built, physically, digitally, or figuratively. Ideally, this also involves some form of testing with users to verify your rationale. As I illustrated in Chapter 1, this is where many of us stop, passing our specifications on to the developers who will implement the work. There are also varying degrees of participation in following phases of testing, bug fixing, and further documentation. Of course, there are sundry variations, Agile and Lean UX being the most notable, but the same activities are involved (or should be).
  • It’s official: IBM to sell chip-making biz to GlobalFoundries
    IBM has cut a deal to offload semiconductor manufacturing to GlobalFoundries.
  • Where can I buy a connected coffee maker?
    This week's internet of things podcast featured a question about making your morning java a bit more automated.
  • How Apple’s fall event affects my digital strategy for the next 12 months
    Apple's product lineup for the next six months is probably set after last Thursday's event, which means it's time to reassess what I need as an active Apple user for the…
  • Dreamforce and OpenWorld may be fun for attendees, but for SF residents, it’s tech money run amok
    Now that and Oracle have released their grip on downtown SF, let's take a moment to marvel at the tech excess of their outdoor conference arenas.
  • OpenStack Juno debuts, more moving and shaking by cloud providers
    The week in cloud: OpenStack M&A continues -- stay tuned for more action. And Max Schireson on MongoDB momentum (and why he stepped down as CEO.)