These are the headlines from some of the web sources that I follow.

  • Why T-Mobile subscribers in 21 cities are seeing faster speeds
    T-Mobile is starting to clock some impressive download speeds on its newly upgraded LTE networks in different parts of the country: 30.2 Mbps in Columbus, Ohio; 24.1 Mbps in Boston; and…
  • Google offers 1 TB of Drive storage with Chromebooks this holiday
    If you were looking for another reason to buy a Chromebook, Google just provided a big one: The company is boosting the included Google Drive storage capacity by a factor of five…
  • Aterlo Networks wants to put a Netflix cache in your router
    Satellite internet subscribers often can't use Netflix at all for fear of exceeding their data caps. Nightshift wants to change that.
  • Would You Pay to Not See Google Ads?
    Who would have thought it? Google will now let you pay to avoid seeing its ads. Through a new service called Contributor, launched last night, Internet users can opt-out of Google ads for a fee of $1 to $3 dollars a month. Participants will see a thank you message instead of the ads on participating websites, including Mashable, ScienceDaily and The Onion. Read full story... Follow us on Twitter Join free newsletter View upcoming events Find a new job
  • Why people are giving money to think past the web
    The "Indienet", which will apparently be best experienced on a new device called the Indie Phone, is on track to comfortably exceed its crowdfunding goals. But, beyond more private interactions, what…
  • Pebble smartwatches just got pushier (in a good way) for Android
    You won't need a third-party app to push all of your Android notifications to a Pebble watch going forward. Pebble revamped its native app to support any notifications, giving you full…

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